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costco gift card

Are gift cards cheaper at Costco?

Can I buy a Costco gift card at Walmart?

You can purchase a 'Gift of Membership' at the register at your local Costco warehouse. Or, you can purchase it online. Your recipient will need to bring their Gift of Membership gift card to the membership counter at any Costco location.

Beside above, can you buy a gift card with a gift card at Walmart? Yes. You can use a Walmart gift card to purchase any other gift card on their display. You could even in theory split YOUR gift card into smaller denominations of Walmart gift cards. the exception being prepaid monetary instruments, which are on the same display, but are not actually gift cards.

can I buy a Costco gift card without a membership?

Use a gift card Specifically, according to the card terms, this means “non-members may use the Costco Cash Cards to shop at any Costco location in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and online.” The 5% nonmember surcharge will still apply to online purchases, however.

Are gift cards cheaper at Costco?

As a Costco member, you can purchase a variety of gift cards for less than their monetary value. On the other hand, here are 6 things you should never, ever buy at Costco. Most gift cards offer a discount of around 20- to 25-percent off—and those savings can be split in a variety of ways.

How do you buy a Costco gift card?

You can verify your current certificate number by logging in to Citi® Online and visiting the Rewards Summary Page or by calling 1-877-419-4002. I have multiple Costco Anywhere Visa® Card accounts.

Use of Reward Reward coupons may be redeemed by the Primary member toward purchases of most merchandise through the front-end registers at Costco Wholesale warehouses throughout Canada only. Reward coupon may not be redeemed for cash. Reward coupons may be used toward purchases of merchandise only.

You may your Physical or Digital Costco Shop Card in any Costco within the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico or online at or


Members may check their balance at Here's how:

  1. Visit the homepage, and find Costco Shop Card Balance (located near the bottom).
  2. Enter your Costco Shop Card number. This number can be found on the back of your Costco Shop Card. It's a unique number and is used to identify your Costco Shop Card.
  3. Type in the four-digit PIN, which is also located on the back of your Costco Shop Card. If you don't see the four-digit PIN right away, you may need to scratch off the silver security feature on the back (some cards have it, but don't worry if yours doesn't).
  4. Select the "Check Balance" button. The balance should immediately be displayed.

Costco Digital Shop Card balances can be checked the same way! Simply use the Shop Card number and pin found on your email.

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$50 Costco gift card with Oculus purchase

I bought an Oculus from Costco online during Black Friday. The site stated they would email the gift card, but they haven't yet. Am I the only one?

Only purchase Oculus products from or from one of their authorized retail sellers such as Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, etc..

The official Oculus website is, there are fake websites like, this is not Oculus and scams you out of fake purchases.

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Check out my best tips for shopping mindfully on our Ultimate Guide to Reverse Meal Planning page here.

$100 Costco Gift Card Giveaway

Oh boy! Anyone else love a trip to Costco. Something about the organized rows of awesome yummy food and great deals brings me so much joy! Oh and the samples of course! This giveaway is for a $100 Costco Gift Card!

Make sure to enter and leave a comment below on your favorite Costco find!

A good old trip to Costco is a great way to save money on food by shopping in bulk! Although I am an advocate for only purchasing the amount you need to avoid food waste, I think Costco is a great place to stock up on important staple items to make your go-to flexible recipes!

Check out my best tips for shopping mindfully on our Ultimate Guide to Reverse Meal Planning page here.

What is your go-to find at your local Costco for those that shop there? Let us know in the comments below!

Costco members can purchase online up to ten $500 Alaska Airlines gift cards for $449.99.

Alaska Airlines Gift Cards 10% Off At Costco

This year, Alaska Airlines gift cards are on sale at Costco, a warehouse club in the US, and members can buy them at a 10% discount.

Costco members can purchase online up to ten $500 Alaska Airlines gift cards for $449.99.

You can access this offer on Costco’s website here.

  • One (1) Alaska Air $500 Gift Certificate
  • Delivered via email within 24 business hours (additional processing time may be required on holidays and weekends)
  • Certificates can not be used towards premium upgrades
  • Limit 10 per member
  • Only valid at for Alaska Airlines flights
  • No travel restrictions or blackout dates
  • No expiration
  • No change fees on Main and First Class fares*
  • Option 1: Add the gift certificate to your account. Once signed in, go to your wallet activity page, and choose the “deposit a certificate” option. There is no limit on the number of gift certificates that can be added to wallet
  • Option 2: Use your gift certificate at time of purchase. There’s a limit of 4 gift certificates per transaction when used outside of the wallet – as described in Option 1
  • Reservations (available 24/7) 1-800-252-7522
  • Book your trip:
  • Deposit gift certificate to your wallet:
  • View your gift certificate balance:
  • View FAQ for online gift certificates:

These are a great way to save 10% on Alaska Airlines flights, as they are considered cash when buying flights. Just keep in mind that many credit cards include benefits/insurance when travel is purchased using them; that doesn’t apply if you are buying gift cards.

Here are the terms and conditions of buying this gift card from Costco:

The Costco Gift Card scam banners and redirects are very likely shown as a result of having adware on your computer. The outcome of such unwanted program is that you not only see the Costco Gift Card offers, but you also see other forms of advertisements as well, such as:

The Costco Gift Card scam may be replicated in a variety of ways, similar to other [wplinkpreview url=””]gift card scams of it’s type. One method of distribution which we detected is a banner that is sent to victims directly via e-mail. The banner is very well crafted and with a well-written and convincing message:

In addition to via e-mail, the Costco scam may also be shown as an advertisement on the web pages visited by the user, if those web pages belong to sites which are with bad reputation.

Furthermore, another very likely method via which you may have started seeing Costco Gift Card pop-ups lately could be due to an adware currently residing on your computer. These programs often find themselves automatically added on your computer as a result of software bunlding. This means that they may be included in the installers of freeware programs that are published for download on some third-party sites from the Softpedia or CNET type, but with low reputation. These sites usually tend to add third-party programs of all kinds without any responsibility if they are adware or not. The programs are often presented as “free extra” or “optional offer” to the current installation process. This is why users are advised to be extremely careful while installing programs and always check all of the install steps, even the ones In the “Advanced” or “Custom” installation mode.

    Get an eye exam - Need to visit the optometrist? You can get your vision tested with an appointment. But non-members can't purchase any physical products (glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, etc.) without a membership or cash card.

How to shop without a Costco membership

Do you just need to grab a few items from the warehouse? Here's what non-members need to know.

Use a Costco gift card (cash card)

If you don't want to pay for a Costco account, ask a friend or relative with a membership to buy a stack of Costco Cash Cards. These gift cards never expire and you can recharge the balance. Their values range from $25 to $200.

Only Costco members can purchase a Costco Shop Card. But non-members can also shop at any location or online with the card. Cash cards also work at Costco's gas pumps.

To get into a warehouse, simply flash one of the gift cards to the person at the door. Then pay for your purchase with the card. Costco's policy lets you cover any remaining balance with cash or a debit card (no credit cards allowed).

Other ways to shop without a membership

The warehouse offers a few products and services to the public, including:

    Get an eye exam - Need to visit the optometrist? You can get your vision tested with an appointment. But non-members can't purchase any physical products (glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, etc.) without a membership or cash card.

Online shopping (at or is unavailable to Non-members

Costco gift card

You do not need a membership to use a Costco gift card. I found this on their website, hope it helps.

If you are not a Costco member, you may only use a Costco Shop Card for purchases at a Costco warehouse

Online shopping (at or is unavailable to Non-members

If the value of a Non-member purchase exceeds the value of the Costco Shop Card, the excess can only be paid by cash, debit or MasterCard.

In order to use the Costco Shop Card at a Canadian Costco warehouse, Non-members must first register for a one-day shopping pass at the Membership Counter

The one-day shopping pass is available to qualifying individuals 18 years of age or older and may not be used as a replacement for a Costco membership

Man when I worked at Costco I was told people using gift cards couldn't use any form of card but in cash only because the debit was part of the membership program. Glad that changed.

According to Costco's website:

"Non-Member Restrictions If you are not a Costco member, you may only use a Costco Shop Card for purchases at a Costco warehouse

Online shopping (at or is unavailable to Non-members

If the value of a Non-member purchase exceeds the value of the Costco Shop Card, the excess can only be paid by cash, debit or MasterCard.

In order to use the Costco Shop Card at a Canadian Costco warehouse, Non-members must first register for a one-day shopping pass at the Membership Counter

The one-day shopping pass is available to qualifying individuals 18 years of age or older and may not be used as a replacement for a Costco membership"

You already know how awesome shopping at Costco is. Costco can save you a ton of money on everything from sheet cakes to bacon. Their travel packages also offer ridiculously good deals, and the savings you’ll see from shopping here will practically pay for the membership fee year after year.

Costco membership deal: Get a $10 or $20 gift card

The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Don't Waste Your Money may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.

You already know how awesome shopping at Costco is. Costco can save you a ton of money on everything from sheet cakes to bacon. Their travel packages also offer ridiculously good deals, and the savings you’ll see from shopping here will practically pay for the membership fee year after year.

Right now, the warehouse retailer is sweetening the deal for new members by offering them up to a $20 gift card for joining the club.

You can get a $20 Costco Cash Card when you sign up for a new executive membership, which costs $110 per year. Costco will also give you 2 percent back on all of your purchases up to $750 and throw in some extra discounts on services such as check printing, identity protection, roadside assistance and travel deals.

You can click on this deal through the Costco website or use the offer code NHMEXEC.

If the $110 executive annual membership a little too steep for your budget, you can get a $10 Costco Cash Card when you sign up for a regular membership, which costs only $55. You can click on this deal through the Costco website or use the offer code NHMBASE.

How do I get a $10 from Abercrombie? How much does the Jardiance copay card cover?

How do I get a $10 from Abercrombie?

How much does the Jardiance copay card cover?

How many promo codes can you use on Snapfish?

Can I use my Nike discount online?

Does Blue Light Card Get Argos discount?

How do I get coupons for Etsy?

Can I shop at Costco with a gift card?

How do I redeem a code on eBay app?

Does Marshalls have in store coupons?

Can Hibbett employees use their discount online?

Are New Look accepting gift cards?

Does Chanel offer shipping?

Does Urban Outfitters have any discounts?

Can I use my Scottish bus pass on trains?

Does Staples ship UPS or FedEx?

How do you get A&W coupons in the mail?

How do I get a Free Apple Music subscription?

How do I get a $10 from Abercrombie?

$10 off when you join the A&F Club Create an account at Abercrombie and receive $10 off your first purchase of $50 or more.

How much does the Jardiance copay card cover?

Manufacturer CouponProgram Name:Jardiance Simple SavingsWebsite: do I get the discount?Register online to download and print a card. You can also activate or replace a card online.How much can I save?Your co-pay can be reduced to as little as $10 per fill, with a maximum savings of $175.6 more rows

How many promo codes can you use on Snapfish?

You can apply more than one code if you are ordering multiple items. However, only one discount may be applied to each item. Existing product credits are honored first and cannot be combined with coupon code.

Can I use my Nike discount online?

No, the student discount can only be redeemed on and in the Nike App.

Does Blue Light Card Get Argos discount?

Save on the things you want the most with an exclusive Argos NHS discount when you sign up to Blue Light Card..! Members can easily save on their shop by purchasing a discounted gift card or voucher via their account which can be applied to their order during checkout.

How do I get coupons for Etsy?

Check your inbox. Subscribe to Etsy emails or mark the shops and listings you like as “favorites.” You should receive coupons, when available, at the email address associated with your Etsy account. Visit a shop's homepage. Some stores list their current offers under the “announcement” section.

Can I shop at Costco with a gift card?

Costco gift cards are known as Costco Shop Cards. “Nonmembers, as well as members, may use Costco Shop Cards to shop at any Costco location in the U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico, as well as online at and” As we have pointed out, nonmembers who have a Costco Shop Card can even buy gas at Costco.

How do I redeem a code on eBay app?

Select redeem Coupon on the checkout screen.Coupon value will display on the next screen. If the coupon value does not appear, please enter the coupon code. Select the checkbox to apply the Coupon to your purchase.Select place order to complete your purchase; then, pay with PayPal before Coupon expires.

Does Marshalls have in store coupons?

We generally don't offer coupons or sales—just brand name and designer fashion that is 20%–60% less than department and specialty store regular prices on comparable merchandise, every single day!

Can Hibbett employees use their discount online?

You are allowed to purchase $500 (after discount) in merchandise each month. This total includes your online and in store purchases. Purchases will be monitored by Asset Protection. By using your team member discount online, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Hibbett Team Member Discount Policy.

Are New Look accepting gift cards?

Yes, your New Look gift card can be used as full or part payment for any purchases on You will be prompted to enter the 16 digit card number and 4 digit pin on the reverse of the card at the time of checkout.

Does Chanel offer shipping?

We offer complimentary 3-5 business days shipping for all orders. We cannot ship to international addresses. Orders placed on CHANEL E-SHOP cannot be shipped internationally.

Does Urban Outfitters have any discounts?

Does Urban Outfitters offer any special discounts? Yes, UO Rewards members receive 15% off on their birthday. This deal is valid on any one order for a whole month. UO Rewards members also receive 10% off their first purchase after registering.

Can I use my Scottish bus pass on trains?

The card gives holders free bus travel in Scotland and, through the Strathclyde Concessionary Travel Scheme, reduced fares on trains and Subway in the Strathclyde area. If you live on an island or peninsula within Strathclyde you can also receive reduced ferry fares with a Strathclyde Concessionary Travel Ferry Card.

Does Staples ship UPS or FedEx?

During COVID-19 restrictions, FedEx shipping services continue to be available at Staples stores across the country. * It's simple to ship, pick up or drop off your FedEx packages at a local Staples. *FedEx shipping services are available where local restrictions allow.

How do you get A&W coupons in the mail?

Conversation. Paper coupons are mailed by franchisees. Get in touch with your local A&W through our contact form!…

How do I get a Free Apple Music subscription?

How to get 6 free months of Apple MusicGo to Best Buy's website and sign up for an account with the store.Add the "Free Apple Music for six months" digital download to your cart.Go to your cart and check out.Wait for a digital code to be sent to the email address linked to your Best Buy account.

How much discount do Universal passholders get? How do promotions work on Instacart?

How much discount do Universal passholders get?

How do promotions work on Instacart?

Does rue21 offer military discount?

How do you put a promo code on Footlocker?

Does JD accept student discount instore?

Does Dominos have an employee discount?

Does JOANN ever offer free shipping?

Can you use Jimmy John's gift cards online?

Do NHS staff get discount at Miller and Carter?

Can I get an easyJet voucher if I cancel my flight?

Does Uniqlo do UNiDAYS?

Does Target offer military discount?

Is the post code lottery a con?

Does booking com do promo codes?

Can you ask for discount on Airbnb?

How do you get student discount on Amtrak?

Does Steve Madden do military discount?

Does Footlocker Do Blue Light Card?

Does Qatar Airways have discount for students?

How much discount do Universal passholders get?

PURCHASING NORMAL THEME-PARK TICKETS One across-the-board perk for being an annual passholder is that you can purchase normal multi-day tickets to the two theme parks at a discounted rate for friends and family: the Seasonal Pass rate is 10% off, while everything else is 15%.4 days ago

How do promotions work on Instacart?

You can add promotion codes to your account in the Instacart app or on the website. Click or tap Add promo code at checkout to add the promotion code to your order. The promotion amount automatically applies to your next order during checkout. Any remainder goes back to your account for future orders.

Does rue21 offer military discount?

Does Rue21 have a military discount? Get 15% off with the Rue21 military discount. Not only do veterans and active military personnel qualify, but so too do their dependents. You need to create an account and upload a copy of your current military ID.

How do you put a promo code on Footlocker?

How do I redeem my Foot Locker discount code?Once you have selected your items click on 'Order Now'.On the bottom left of the checkout page, you can enter your Footlocker voucher code on the designated box.Finally, click 'OK' and see the discount applied to your total.

Does JD accept student discount instore?

Can I use my JD Sports student discount in-store? Unfortunately it's no longer possible to use your student discount in-store.

Does Dominos have an employee discount?

Every employee has free meals at work, and the amount depends from one store to another. All employees are also given a discount that can range from 10% to 30% but if the store is run by a franchisee, this discount is limited to that store only.

Does JOANN ever offer free shipping?

Getting your order fast and free JOANN offers multiple ways to get your order quickly. Orders $50+ always include free shipping - no JOANN coupon code required! Contactless curbside pick-up is always free, with no purchase minimum necessary.

Can you use Jimmy John's gift cards online?

The Jimmy John's Gift Card may only be used (1) for making authorized purchases at participating Jimmy John's restaurants in the 50 United States ("Participating Restaurant(s)"), (2) for delivery orders by telephone from Participating Restaurants, or (3) purchases online at

Do NHS staff get discount at Miller and Carter?

As of right now, here at there are active promotion codes and deals to use today at the Miller And Carter website....What we do:๐Ÿ” Best discount:£1.68๐Ÿ‘จ‍⚕️ NHS code:25% off๐Ÿ†• New deals:3๐Ÿช Tested today:Yes

Can I get an easyJet voucher if I cancel my flight?

Cancelling your easyJet flight If you need to cancel due to your serious illness or close family bereavement, please contact our Customer Services Team as soon as you can. Our team will review your case and we may, in our discretion, offer you a fee waiver or flight voucher towards the value of a subsequent flight.

Does Uniqlo do UNiDAYS?

They have no affiliation with Unidays, NUS Totum or any other student discount scheme so there is no specific Uniqlo voucher code for students available. Not to worry though fellow students, we've still found some great ways that you can save in other ways – simply read on!

Does Target offer military discount?

The discount is valid with the Target Circle offer for 10% off two separate purchases when you verify your military status. To get the discount, you'll need to visit, sign in to your Target Circle account and then verify your military status. See all the details on the Target website.

Is the post code lottery a con?

Criminals are exploiting well-known lottery draws to con people into giving over money and personal information, police have said. Almost £1 million has been given from victims to lottery fraudsters during the past seven months, reporting centre Action Fraud and City of London Police said.

Does booking com do promo codes?

Does have promo codes? Yes, you can find a coupon on just about every destination offered on the travel site. In addition to limited-time offers, you can use promotion codes on hotels, rental homes, flights, and car rentals.

Can you ask for discount on Airbnb?

If you're planning on staying for weeks or months at a time, let the host know this ahead of time. If you can guarantee revenue for the host for an extended period, the host may be willing to discount the total cost of your reservation.16-Jun-2020

How do you get student discount on Amtrak?

To apply this discount, visit or enter code V814 when booking a trip on the Amtrak app. Terms and conditions may apply. Valid student identification must be presented upon request.

Does Steve Madden do military discount?

Steve Madden: 10% Military Discount.

Does Footlocker Do Blue Light Card?

Does Foot Locker do NHS discount? Foot Locker does not offer NHS discount, however they do provide 20% off with their VIP voucher for all customers in the UK.

Does Qatar Airways have discount for students?

Student Club offers your unparalleled opportunities, including up to 20% off flights, extra baggage allowance, travel flexibility, complimentary Super Wi-Fi and more. I agree to the terms and conditions of the Privilege Club and Student Club programme and accept the Qatar Airways Privacy Policy.

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Which app is best for NFT

Dapper labs is behind the aforementioned NBA Top Shot, and other popular NFT projects like CryptoKitties, Cheeze Wizards and have Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) collectibles on their roadmap. Dapper Labs also provide products such as Dapper — a gateway for collectors to buy and store their digital assets, and Flow — a blockchain focused on decentralized apps (DApps), games and digital assets.

The Ultimate Guide For Top NFT Sports Platforms

NFTs has been on a winning streak lately, and it seems inevitable that sports and NFTs are a match. Here, we dive into some of the top NFT sports platform.

Table of Contents

Join us in showcasing the cryptocurrency revolution, one newsletter at a time. Subscribe now to get daily news and market updates right to your inbox, along with our millions of other subscribers (that’s right, millions love us!) — what are you waiting for?

Now hop aboard, and let’s explore what you can do with OpenSea, along with checking what NFTs you can view!

OpenSea as an NFT Marketplace Best Nft App

The purpose of OpenSea was to simply provide an online marketplace for artists to upload their commissions, without having to pay any additional costs. It also has additional functions which allow you to market your work without having to deal with many difficulties.

When it comes to the registration process, you don’t have to provide too many details about yourself. All you have to connect your cryptocurrency wallet, and voila! you have an account on OpenSea! It can be as simple as that and without many hurdles as you walk into NFTs.

OpenSea: Blockchain

The most well-known cryptocurrency to use within the OpenSea market is Ethereum (ETH). This marketplace is built on the Ethereum blockchain system, and this is used for the majority of transactions. It is also based with the Polygon blockchain, which ensures low-cost and quicker trading.

With these two kinds of blockchains that are available it is possible to choose which one you’d like to transfer your NFT to as a seller. This ensures the safety of your NFT, along with those who would like to buy it. Every transaction will be conducted using this blockchain, so you should consider where to upload it.

But what makes Nine Chronicles different is what’s underneath. It’s formed on a peer-to-peer network of gamers and miners, somewhat like Bit torrent.

How NFT works? And the problem it solves

NFTs are tokens that reside on a blockchain that represents ownership of unique items. Why is it helpful? Because tracking who owns a digital file is tricky because it can be copied and distributed effortlessly. So, how can you establish who the original owner is? NFT solves this problem.

For example, you make digital art a painting to be more specific on your computer. You can create an NFT out of this. The NFT assigned to your art contains some information about it, such as a unique fingerprint of a file ( also known as hash), a token name, a symbol. This token is then kept on a blockchain, and you, the artist, walk around as the owner.

Now you can sell that token by creating a transaction on that blockchain. The blockchain reassures that this information can not at all be tampered with and keeps it secure. It also allows you to track the current owner of a token and how much it has been sold in the past.

It’s important to know artwork itself hasn’t been stored in the blockchain or the NFT but only its attributes, such as a unique fingerprint(hash), symbol, and a token.

NFT Maker Pro offers auto-renewing subscription option monthly and annually. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.


Introducing the easiest way to design NFT art on right on your iPhone. This app will help you create unique digital art in seconds.

Create your NFT art and get it ready to sell on marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, Nifty & more.

- Create high quality images or videos to create as NFT with ease.
- Add animated text, shapes, graphics.
- Easily resize, rotate, re-order all elements in your design.
- Combine photos and videos together, form unique collages.
- Free stock library featuring millions of photos and videos.
- Remove background in photos.
- Export as static image or video.
- Store your creations, easily duplicate and create different collections.

NFT Maker Pro offers auto-renewing subscription option monthly and annually. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

Your pro subscription will automatically renew at least 24-hours before the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. You may cancel automatic renewal and manage your subscription by selecting Manage App Subscriptions in your iTunes Account settings and selecting the subscription you want to modify. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be downgraded to the free service. Any unused portion of a free trial, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription, if applicable.

An artist can create their digital art and upload the file and documentation through KnownOrigin. Later the art will be tokenized by the platform and it will be live on the KnownOrigin’s gallery.

Which NFT Auction Marketplace is Best for you?

OpenSea is an NFT Auction Marketplace, which is more like an eBay for digital products. You can find anything related to digital products on OpenSea. It is the largest and the first peer-to-peer NFT platform for crypto goods.

Whereas KnownOrigin is mainly concentrated on the digital artists. Since it is concentrated on artworks. You wouldn’t find anything other than art in KnownOrigin. The items on KnownOrigin would look more like items on sale in an Art Gallery.

If you are an artist or a collector of artworks you should prefer KnownOrigin as you would find a wide range of options and if you want some other crypto goods you can prefer OpenSea as it is the largest NFT marketplace.

What is a NFT auction?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are essentially blockchain-based certificates validating that someone owns a piece of digital art.

How can I buy NFT?

Most NFTs are Ethereum-based tokens, many marketplaces for these collectibles accept Eth tokens as payment.

What are DeFi products?

DeFi is short for decentralized finance, an umbrella term for a variety of financial applications in cryptocurrency or blockchain.

Trading cards are the huge traffic generators towards the platform which attracts huge crowds for the unique collection of player’s cards and images. Collecting the traditional trading cards in the form of NFT keeps your collection unique and also increases your asset value in the marketplace, which is also fun to own a unique collection of NFT cards.

How does NFT endow the sports industry?

Sport is an inimitable factor that cherishes the audience with its hype and goosebumps moment in the field. The adrenaline rush accelerated in the field pumps our blood through the visual experience. The experience and the rush from the sports attract the people towards it from the day we toddle.

Bringing back childhood memories of collecting sports cards, posters, memorabilia in the form of NFT sports collectables attracts a versatile audience towards the platform regardless of age. The combination of two attractions seeking platforms like sports and NFT attracts huge traffic towards the platform and proffers a better revenue flow.

Sports collectables like player cards, images, video clips, accessories and other collectables can be created as NFTs that attract a huge audience towards the platform. The attraction towards sports and the huge fan base of exclusive players are incomparable. Creating players images, videos, autographs and accessories as NFT brings a huge sale for your NFTs. Brands representing exclusive players and launching their product with their representation is one of the product boosting factors and a marketing strategy for business outsourcing. Building a unique NFT platform exclusively for sports offers greater market visibility and attracts a huge crowd towards your platform.

Tokenizable assets in Sport NFT Marketplace

Tokenizable Assets In Sport NFT Marketplace - Trading cards

Trading cards

Trading cards are the huge traffic generators towards the platform which attracts huge crowds for the unique collection of player’s cards and images. Collecting the traditional trading cards in the form of NFT keeps your collection unique and also increases your asset value in the marketplace, which is also fun to own a unique collection of NFT cards.

Tokenizable Assets In Sport NFT Marketplace - Accessories


Players accessories like jersey, shoes, wristbands, caps, coolers receive a huge invitation from the audience. These are a unique collectable that manages a stable increase of its value in real life. Converting it as NFTs offers huge revenue and ownership rights for your assets with royalty.

Tokenizable Assets In Sport NFT Marketplace - Memorabilia


Sports memorabilia such as awards, trophies, autographs and sports equipment of exclusive players are widely accepted and in-demanding unique assets in auction houses.Tokenizing such a collectable into NFTs offers substantial benefits and unimaginable fortunes for your NFTs.

Tokenizable Assets In Sport NFT Marketplace - Video clips

Video clips

Tokenizing Exclusive Video clips and photographs of players into NFTs gains huge traction to the platform. Few early adopters have launched their marketplace for a particular sport and experiencing huge success in the trend of NFTs.

It’s also possible to connect a new Trezor wallet to an existing Metamask hot wallet. The instructions are a bit more complex but you can find them (for Ledger wallet) here, and here (for Trezor wallet). This is a great option if you start using Metamask and then decide to buy a hardware wallet to secure your crypto or NFTs.

4 alternatives to using Metamask as your NFT wallet

All 4 of the wallets below support ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs. You can store your gaming and collectibles in the wallet and wallets like Enjin make it easy for your to use your NFT for in-game experiences.

Top gaming NFT wallet

  1. Enjin Wallet– Enjin wallet is a mobile wallet built for both NFTs and crypto. It supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Coin and all ERC-20 (Ethereum) tokens. Importantly, Enjin NFT wallet also supports all ERC-721 & ERC-1155 NFTs. Enjin wallet is most popularly used for gaming NFTs. Because Enjin is a gaming and metaverse platform, Enjin wallet lets you trade NFTs, and provides blockchain gaming support. It also offers in-app token swap (Android only). With Enjin wallet, you can carry your digital identity across blockchain games and apps. This makes it simple to move around the gaming ecosystem. The wallet has 4.5 out of 5 starts across 650 reviews on the App Store, so Enjin must be doing something right. – Phantom wallet is an NFT and DeFi wallet created for the Solana blockchain. The wallet comes as a Chrome browser extension only at the moment. Phantom has recently announced that its mobile wallet is coming soon however. The great thing about Solana wallet is that it integrates with Ledger Hardware wallet. This gives it security above and beyond any hot wallet on this list. Phantom wallet appears to have an Ethereum Mainnet integration in the works; you can sign up for their Beta waitlist straight from their website.

Top NFT collectibles wallet

  1. Trust Wallet – Trust wallet is another mobile wallet you can use to store both crypto and NFTs. The NFT section can be found under their ‘collectibles’ menu. Trust Wallet integrates with both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain so you can send, receive and store NFTs from both of these networks. You can’t store Solana NFTs on Trust Wallet however.
  2. C98 Wallet– C98 NFT wallet is an NFT and cryptocurrency wallet with multichain support. You can store, send and receive NFTs across a bunch of blockchains including the big three: Ethereum, Solana and Binance Smart Chain. The wallet takes a little getting used to because of its multi-chain functionality. But it has native links directly into NFT marketplaces where you can buy your NFTs. Also, their support team is really responsive and has helped us out with using the wallet on a few occasions. That’s rare in crypto, and more than we can say for Metamask!

NFT wallet

Maticz, the pioneer in NFT MarketPlace Development designs and develops the NFT Marketplace Mobile Application to make the trading of digital assets easily and compactly over your handheld mobile phones. Our Mobile App Developers are experts in developing NFT MarketPlace Apps on all major operating systems like Android, iOS, etc.

Features of NFT Marketplace App

The NFT Marketplace App can be an efficient solution to its users through its set of specific features which include,

  1. Market at your palm-top
  2. Limited time asset listing
  3. Active asset listing
  4. Active Trade Notification
  5. App available in Multiple Platforms
  6. Preferential modes of trading and listing
  7. Active Market Analytics
  8. Personalized Privacy Setting
  9. Biometric Identity enabled security
  10. Competitor Comparison Graphs
Secretum is a fully-encrypted P2P messaging and OTC crypto trading app, based on the innovative Solana Blockchain. It offers Metaverse gamers and NFT traders unrivaled features and benefits:

Secretum – The Messaging and Trading App For The NFT Metaverse Era

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Facebook’s name change to Meta, and the announcement of its strategic pivot to becoming a Metaverse company, have sent shock-waves through the tech community. Metaverses are already considered to be the next technological great leap forward, and potentially far bigger than the internet revolution. They can be defined as a combination of multiple elements of technology, including virtual reality, augmented reality, and video where users “live” within a digital universe. These users will be looking for a messaging and trading solution inside the metaverses, something that Secretum could offer.

The gaming sector is already pioneering the Metaverse era with significant success, and combining it with the advantages of Blockchain technology. Games like Axie Infinity and Sandbox turn in-game assets into Blockchain-based Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which hold real economic value and can be traded and/or held for long-term appreciation. The use of NFTs in gaming metaverses has resulted in an unprecedented boom in player spending and NFT values:

  • Axie Infinity is generating $2.7 billion in annualized revenues, mostly from NFT character sales, with an in-game currency having a market value of over $9 billion.
  • Sandbox, a virtual world development game, saw its sales of NFT land plots surge by over 1,600% in 2021 with sales of over $3 million per day.
  • LitCraft Nysperience’s limited-time NFT launch sale raised $2 million in under two weeks.

The overall NFT market has also remained robust, with new records being set in 2021:

  • To date in 2021 NFT sales have surpassed $9 billion, a more than 25-fold growth over 2020’s total sales of reached $340 million.
  • Digital artwork “Everydays — The First 5000 Days,” sold for $69 million at a Christie’s auction in March.
  • Sales of NFT trading platform OpenSea reached $14.6 billion.

NFT Metaverse Gaming – Growing Success, Rising Challenges

An innovative Blockchain startup has created an unprecedented Solana-based solution to allow secure and low-cost NFT trading and P2P communication – Secretum. Secretum could help solve the new challenges to gamers and NFT traders alike that the proliferation of NFT gaming Metaverses is bringing:

  • High Fees – Over 80% of all NFTs are based on Ethereum-standard Blockchain tokens (ERC-20, ERC-721 or ERC-1155). Since each token needs a certain amount of power to be generated, each NFT transaction comes with a so-called “gas fee”. The fee comes to an average of 23%, constituting a significant burden on traders and players.
  • A Broken Market – Although a number of NFT trading platforms are operating (Opensea, Rarible), they do not help NFT Metaverse gamers find specific NFT gaming assets. Liquidity is therefore artificially limited and slows down the expansion of Metaverse ecosystems.
  • Crypto Asset Insecurity – Gaming NFTs are worth more than $10 billion As crypto thefts are becoming more frequent and bigger in size, gamers need to find a way to keep their NFTs safe – and be able to trade and communicate with other gamers in complete safety.

Secretum – The Messaging and NFT Trading Solution To Power Gaming Metaverses

Secretum is a fully-encrypted P2P messaging and OTC crypto trading app, based on the innovative Solana Blockchain. It offers Metaverse gamers and NFT traders unrivaled features and benefits:

  • Fully P2P trading of NFT and other crypto assets via an escrow smart contract functionality, with users able to locate NFT assets owned by other wallets. This creates an ecosystem of NFT trading for gaming Metaverses, where games can meet and trade in-game assets at a minimal cost – Solana’s average transaction fee is only .00025, beating Ethereum’s cost by a factor of over 100x.
  • Anonymous registration and messaging with any other wallet owner in the world, based only on wallet address – ideal for becoming the medium of communication for Metaverse communities.
  • High-security NFT storage on a network of distributed nodes, eliminating a central point of failure and the risk of crypto theft. This incentivizes the storage of more gaming NFTs on Secretum, in turn creating a larger trading market.
  • An NFT trading platform built for scale, thanks to Solana’s capability of processing up to 700,000 transactions per second, 40,000x more than Ethereum.
  • Solana’s cross-chain compatibility with Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, the latter constituting the vast majority of Metaverse gaming NFTs. This will facilitate Secretum’s penetration of the NFT gaming market from the day of launch.

As many online games have communities of over 50 million users mostly rely on teams of players, secure communication is a key element to make gameplay run smoothly. In NFT Metaverses, players will both communicate and exchange NFT assets to enhance their gaming capabilities. Secretum offers a single solution to solve both market needs, in a user-friendly, inexpensive, and secure manner. The final goal for Secretum is nothing less than becoming the go-to app for all Metaverse NFT trading and gaming communication. As the era of gaming Metaverses dawns, Secretum is positioned to leverage its powerful growth and future expansion from the very start.

The discrepancy in account models of Flow blockchain and Ethereum primarily rests in the ability to track smart contracts and tokens. Basically, an Ethereum account could track all tokens and the smart contracts with which the account has interacted through Ethereum logs. On the contrary, Ethereum does not present a single store of account assets for smart contracts. The resource-oriented programming model of Flow blockchain ensures effective tracking of smart contracts with which your resources have interacted.

Which One Is the Better Choice for NFT – Flow Blockchain vs Ethereum?

As you can see clearly, Flow is currently the emerging favorite for NFTs. At the same time, it is impossible to undermine the role of Ethereum in boosting the popularity of NFTs. As a matter of fact, most of the NFTs in circulation today are created using Ethereum. So, it is important to take a deeper look at the difference between Flow blockchain and Ethereum for identifying the best alternative among the two.


The first point of comparison in Flow blockchain vs Ethereum debates refers to scalability. You can find a throughput of almost 13 to 15 transactions every second in the Ethereum network, making it inadequate for large-scale use. Ethereum was not successful in dealing with the sudden growth of users in the CryptoKitties game. On the other hand, developers created Flow blockchain with the goal of solving the scalability problem while ensuring decentralization and high-security levels.

Ethereum opts for the use of sharding to facilitate horizontal scaling of the blockchain network. On the contrary, Flow blockchain relies on the multi-node architecture to facilitate vertical scalability. Therefore, the work is divided among different nodes in the Flow blockchain.

With four different types of nodes such as collection nodes, verification nodes, execution nodes, and consensus nodes, Flow blockchain gains advantages over Ethereum. Most important of all, Flow blockchain emerges as a winner in the Flow vs Ethereum comparison in terms of scalability. The use of four distinct types of nodes helps in ensuring optimal decentralization and distribution of node operators.

Transaction Fees

The comparison between Flow and Ethereum also takes the transaction fees into account. Ethereum users must pay gas as the fees for performing a transaction and ensuring the successful execution of smart contracts. The transaction fees on Ethereum depend profoundly on the complexity of the smart contract and load on the network. Users have to pay gas fees in Ether, the own cryptocurrency of Ethereum.

In the case of Flow, the creators were not happy with the high cost of transaction fees. So, was Flow successful in solving the problem of high transaction fees? The answer to this question is clearly evident in the facility of two distinct fees applicable for the transactions. The first fee in the case of Flow blockchain is the cost of creating your account, estimated at 0.001 FLOW. The second fee is actually a transaction fee which starts at almost 0.000001 FLOW.

Wondering what is metaverse in blockchain? Here’s a quick guide on blockchain metaverse that will help you know about the fundamentals of blockchain metaverse.

Account Model

Another pointer for comparing the two entries in the Flow blockchain vs. Ethereum debate refers to the account model. Generally, the most important aspect of an Ethereum account refers to the private key, which is basically a 256 bits or 32 bytes hexadecimal number. After successfully generating the private key, mathematical operations on it could help in obtaining the public key. Subsequently, the public key goes through multiple mathematical operations for obtaining a valid address. Now, it is important to note that you could not create a private key by leveraging a specific address.

In the case of Flow, the blockchain network automatically creates an account on Flow while ensuring support for multiple public keys. In addition, you should generate the public and private key pairs first by leveraging the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm or ECDSA P-256 or secp256k1 curves.

Then, the system must ensure that the transaction goes to the blockchain. Such a transaction helps in the initialization of new account storage followed by the assignment of generated keys to the concerned account. Every account on Flow blockchain could have an association with 1to n public keys. In addition, Flow also features a private key in the direct ownership of the account holder for every public key.

The difference between Flow blockchain and Ethereum also becomes quite clear with smart contracts on Ethereum being deployed to individual accounts. In addition, the individual accounts do not feature a private key in Ethereum. Furthermore, Flow blockchain ensures that accounts can ensure the deployment of multiple smart contracts simultaneously.

The discrepancy in account models of Flow blockchain and Ethereum primarily rests in the ability to track smart contracts and tokens. Basically, an Ethereum account could track all tokens and the smart contracts with which the account has interacted through Ethereum logs. On the contrary, Ethereum does not present a single store of account assets for smart contracts. The resource-oriented programming model of Flow blockchain ensures effective tracking of smart contracts with which your resources have interacted.

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Consensus Mechanism

The topic of consensus mechanism will definitely be one of the top priorities in the Flow vs Ethereum comparison. Ethereum presently relies on the Proof-of-Work or PoW consensus mechanism, which pits miners in a competition for creating new blocks. The miners are able to solve cryptographic puzzles faster than others, with capabilities for establishing cryptographic connections among blocks.

Furthermore, Ethereum developers are also planning to shift to the Proof-of-Stake or PoS consensus protocol. With the PoS consensus mechanism, validators would place ETH as stakes for participating in transaction verification. Interestingly, the selection of validators at random ensures the creation of new blocks and sharing them with the network alongside receiving rewards. The transition to PoS consensus could introduce a potential reduction in energy consumption as well as gas fees.

While Ethereum plans to introduce PoS, the Flow blockchain is already operating on the PoS consensus algorithm. The consensus algorithm comparison for Flow blockchain vs Ethereum shows the difference in the ways for participants to make profits. PoS encourages participants to reap results from elevating the currency value.

On the other hand, PoW encourages participants or miners to increase the commission. PoW is also one of the important reasons for scalability issues in Ethereum. So, Flow blockchain definitely comes on top as a winner, especially for creators waiting to launch and capitalize on opportunities with NFT projects.

Working Philosophy

The philosophy underlying Ethereum relies on different principles such as universality, agility, simplicity, non-discrimination, and modularity. Generally, the average programmer must have the capabilities to implement a desired decentralized application. In addition, Ethereum also serves universality by working as an ideal platform as the base for applications for different purposes.

In addition, Ethereum developers are also seeking for prospects in the improvement of the security and scalability of blockchain. Although the comparison between Flow and Ethereum turns towards Ethereum in terms of working philosophy, it is completely different. Smart contract development on Ethereum involves many tradeoffs in reality.

For example, you have to constantly work on identifying the balance between the desired app architecture and unique peculiarities in Solidity. Furthermore, the implementation of a smart contract is considerably complex, with multiple scenarios and rising costs with each unnecessary action.

The philosophy of creators behind Flow blockchain draws considerable inspiration from other blockchain networks such as Ethereum. The developers of Flow blockchain have evaluated all problems that developers face before creating the platform. Flow blockchain enables developers to concentrate on business logic rather than worrying about complicated blockchain specifics.

Even if Flow blockchain is new and you have to go through a prominent learning curve, it offers adequate documentation. In addition, the creators of Flow are constantly striving to introduce improvements that would allow simpler approaches for development.

Aspiring to build your future with Blockchain? Learn Blockchain concepts easily with 101 Blockchains flashcards.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are also one of the pointers for Flow vs Ethereum comparison. Generally, Ethereum is associated with smart contracts directly. It is practically the top platform preferred for creating smart contracts. Any transaction over the smart contract is documented on the blockchain and thus becomes immutable.

On the other hand, some developers perceive the need for modifications in the smart contract after deployment in the event of identification of any issues. Flow helps in releasing smart contracts in a ‘beta state’ on its mainnet. Therefore, the original author of the smart contract could easily update the code in a stepwise process.

On the other hand, users could opt for using the code just as it is at a specific instance. Users could also wait for the completion of the code before putting their trust in the code. Therefore, it is clear that Flow blockchain offers better flexibility in terms of smart contract optimization.

You can get a brief overview of the difference between Flow blockchain and Ethereum in the following comparison table.

CriteriaFlow BlockchainEthereum
ScalabilityScalability targeted towards larger audiences.Highly difficult scalability with only 13 to 15 transactions per second.
Transaction FeesAccount creation fee and transaction fee amount for a very low transaction cost.Transaction fees depend on network congestion and the complexity of smart contracts.
Account ModelBlockchain automatically creates blockchain with support for multiple public keys.An account is created on the basis of a private key.
Consensus MechanismFlow blockchain uses the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm.Ethereum is presently using the Proof of Work consensus algorithm and plans for introducing the Proof of Stake protocol.
Working PhilosophyDevelopers can concentrate on business logic rather than blockchain technicalities.Smart contract development on Ethereum involves a lot of tradeoffs.
Smart ContractsSmart contract authors could update code before making it immutable. A smart contract could not be modified after execution.

Final Words

The discussion on the Flow blockchain vs Ethereum debate shows that both of them have suitable capabilities for a wide variety of applications. However, the features of both of them have pros and cons, especially in relation to NFT development. While Ethereum is working on new solutions for scalability with sharding as the preferred option now, Flow blockchain offers scalability effortlessly with a multi-node architecture.

Furthermore, Ethereum imposes high transaction costs and does not allow modifications in smart contracts, while Flow blockchain does the opposite. In a head-to-head comparison, Flow blockchain definitely takes the top edge in some facets. However, the choice of a blockchain platform for NFT development ultimately falls on you.

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About Author

Diego, a blockchain enthusiast, who is willing to share all his learning and knowledge about blockchain technology with the public. He is also known as an "Innovation evangelist for blockchain technologies" due to his expertise in the industry.

Can you make money from dApps

So, you should think about adding it to your list of dApp monetization strategies.

How to Make Money on Your dApp: An Ultimate Guide [2021]

How to Make Money on Your dApp

Blockchain powered mobile apps – dApps have started a trend of their own.

The technology that was brought into existence for revolutionizing the finance domain has not just found a place in multiple industries but has also now started giving a plethora of use cases on the mobile landscape.

The dApp market has grown to such an extent that entrepreneurs from across the globe and from across a range of different industries have started crowding the space, looking to hire blockchain app developers and finding answers to how much does Blockchain app development cost .

All in addition to still learning their ways around the domain and finding use cases via which one can enjoy benefits of investing in blockchain applications .

While you can find the answer on how to create a dApp in our Guide to Blockchain development , you will have to know that it won’t stop there. There will be many things to know and to consider before you enter the decentralized space and offer your services more transparently and immutably.

One of the important things to consider is to find the answer, how do decentralized apps make money

igitur how you can earn money by developing dApps .

How Did I Come Up With the Idea of This Blog?

I was recently working on an app – Empire – a hotel booking app powered on Blockchain. At the time of the ideation of the application, I got this question thrown at me – How would my dApp make money?

Although, at the back of my understanding of the idea, I helped them with a few monetization models like – Subscription and Transaction fees, etc. , I realized that there are not many people who know how to make money with Blockchain-powered top dApps. So, I decided to write a blog on the same topic.


But , before we get to that part, you can first read how non-decentralized applications make money for a better understanding.

Only after looking at how the traditional apps make money, you would fully be able to understand the impact of the different grounds that both app types stand on.

How dapps make money

Now, let us look at some of the ways your Blockchain focused application can make money in the market.

3) Decentralized wallet or app

Schedule a free demo of our DeFi crypto wallet

4) Staking

DeFi staking is equally beneficial for both stakers and staking platform owners. With DeFi staking, the users can lock up their crypto assets, earn easy income, and participate in the governance model of the protocol. As everything is controlled by smart contracts, security is not a challenge in the DeFi staking space.

Whereas for DeFi stake owners, crypto staking is a scheme where a specific number of crypto coins or tokens is locked in the platform for a specific time. In return, crypto-asset owners can earn a commission. The exchange owner gets hold on to a huge funding amount that is further used to re-invest in another industry like real estate or the stock market. This allows the exchange owners to diversify their funds and multiply their earnings.

5) Crypto Lending Platform

Crypto lending platform development is an effective way to earn revenue from the crypto market. As a crypto lending platform owner, you earn from both borrowers and lenders. In the case of lenders, you earn a specific percentage of interest earned by the lenders. Similarly, if the borrowers default on their loan, you possess the collateral deposited by them.

For those planning to enter the crypto market and generate a new revenue stream, the DeFi world does wonder for them.

The Future of Decentralized Applications

DApps will continue to grow steadily in the future. Even though it is relatively new in the market, it is witnessing fast developments in different sectors. 2021 is expected to bring lots of advancements and the expansion of blockchain technology and its applications.

If you are also planning to generate more revenue streams in the crypto world, then investing in decentralized crypto exchange development, lending platform development, or cryptocurrency wallet development is the best bet for you.

At Antier Solutions, we provide a white label DeFi crypto wallet development solution reinforced with powerful features such as a QR code scanner, multi-layer security, in-chat transactions, multi-signature support, and more. Our white label software can help you launch a DeFi wallet in just 7 days.

Schedule a free demo of our white label DeFi wallet or app development solution or connect with our blockchain experts to share your business needs.

And as opposed to other platforms, Ethlance can sustainably run efficiently with a zero percentage service fee as they will not take a cut on transactions conducted between buyers and sellers. Ethlance will ensure freelancers receive the exact amount they bided their projects for their jobs completed.

List of 7 Best Dapps To Make Money In 2022[AAVE, CryptoKitties & EOS]

The technological advancement that brought about a revolution in the financial sector and beyond has not just found an abode in other available industries but has also gained a lot of ground in ensuring users buy and sell all from the comfort of their homes.

Making money remotely by doing some pretty good tasks in today’s world can not also be exempted especially with the introduction of the smart contract (blockchain) network.

Regardless, the DApp has grown to a much larger extent with which lots of users now make use of its abounding opportunities to transact, make money by playing certain games or performing certain actions as well as trading digital assets.

There are always tons of DApps out there that offer some money-making features and the likes, however, here is an article you can follow through if you need a guide on making money through the use of decentralized applications.

1. Bounties Network

Bounties are currently changing the way we collaborate as they allow you to create projects while co-operating with other individuals to earn for doing a good job in any of your chosen fields.

This network seeks to empower individuals to self-organize and encourage users interested in freelancing to grassroots social actions and any other thing in between them.

It is a decentralized application that enables people to earn just by getting paid for any freelancing task completed online. You can create bounties online and easily transact in Ethereum or ERC-20 tokens.

Mind you, you don’t necessarily have to have hard skills before you can function effectively on this application. There are complex procedures you can complete like content translation and also soft ones like testing out of decentralized apps.

This however does require minimal effort while you still earn more money passively for yourself.

Also, an intriguing feature about the Bounties network is that the bounties created are not in any attached token. The network is token-agnostic as rewards can always be earned in any form of ERC-20 allowing users to accumulate different digital assets.


AAVE is a fully open-source, decentralized, and non-custodial liquidity protocol application where users can earn interest on every deposit made and lending transaction.

It is a decentralized finance (Defi) application that is designed to empower and help people earn more money when lending and depositing digital assets that can be easily borrowed by other users of the platform.

The lending of coins and tokens does allow you as a lender to profit in almost the same way conventional banking firms do. That is, by earning interest.

Though maybe very risky to do in normal day life, AAVE presents you with a fully open-source and fully decentralized application, thereby limiting the amount of risk that do come with the lending of digital assets.

A candid reason a market like AAVE was created is to increasingly improve the conventional way of lending assets. Every Defi project does aim at eliminating the centralization of the financial institution.

AAVE is part of that great plan that can successfully be used to trade by removing intermediaries and creating an avenue for people to reach out to the market with ease.

One feature quite spectacular about this platform is its smooth flow of transactions without regulations from intermediaries. Transactions involving lending of your digital assets are permissionless while you can also always earn to your wallet on the network.

3. Augur

Augur is an open P2P decentralized exchange that allows global prediction while allowing anyone on the platform to create a market just for anything.

It very much enables transparency and universal access to its market since its community is user inhabited and operated.

It is a DApp running on an Ethereum network that allows users to stake crypto coins to make predictions of winners of elections, price of a coin, and many more attributes acquainted with the platform while paying out users for every correct prediction.

However, anyone who creates the market will also be rewarded as well as the holders of REP tokens.

Launched in 2016, Augur seems to be the most feasible prediction market currently based on the blockchain network. Unlike other betting programs that restrict their users to what they can bet on and predict, Augur is mostly community inhabited and decentralized offering users no limits on what they can bet on.

The Axie infinity borrowed insight from Pokemon to be a blockchain trading and combat game that does make use of cutting-edge technology to reward users for their active engagement.

On this decentralized application, players build up a collection, breed, battle, raise, and as well trade NFTs-(Non-fungible tokens) based characters known as Axies.

These DApps also fall into the play-to-earn game category and have ever since been gaining rounds in well notable areas of the gaming world.

Players using the application collect in-game rewards that can later be exchanged for cash. And since technology does touch people with games, whether offline or online, this application still proves to be a very durable and sound system where you can always work passively to earn.

Speaking of earning, you get started with Axie by setting up a digital wallet, Ronin most preferably. Your next step with getting started is to get the axies character, create an account, then download and play.

Ethlance developed entirely as a decentralized platform is a job market program that promises to help users earn money by freelancing while using only crypto coins as their payments form.

Quite similar to Upwork, freelancer, Fiverr, or Guru, this platform’s main difference is its blockchain technology. I.e no central authority has control over it making it accessible for everyone.

It is a peer-to-peer platform that has credible importance over conventional centralized freelancing platforms.

On Ethlance, any form of creative skill in various fields can be easily monetized. Career jobs that range from information technology, design, content writing and creation, web development, etc.

And as opposed to other platforms, Ethlance can sustainably run efficiently with a zero percentage service fee as they will not take a cut on transactions conducted between buyers and sellers. Ethlance will ensure freelancers receive the exact amount they bided their projects for their jobs completed.

Their main mode of payment is through Ether but if you are seeking to earn money through freelancing, then Ethlance is a great place to start with.


Crowned as a leading decentralized marketplace for non-fungible tokens, this platform allows users to buy and sell these tokens on the secondary marketplace while also enabling them to create a collection of their own where they can efficiently sell on the primary marketplace.

Opensea is built on the Ethereum blockchain network and this makes you have an ethereum wallet before you can buy or sell on this platform a needed feature. A supported web3 wallet like MetaMask will still get the job done perfectly.

Smart contracts do allow users to protect their collectibles in their custody, thus offering creators work copyright. This is to ensure all assets within the marketplace are owned by Opensea users and not the platform itself.

It also supports buying NFTs making use of ETH and many other supported crypto coins. Also, Opensea has a browser page where you can easily search for tokens if you ever need one.

However, a fast one is that collectors who seek to procure varieties of these tokens can get them on Opensea. Beginners looking to learn more and experiment with digital collectibles can also earn on Opensea.

7. CryptoKitties

Developed by Canadian studios Dapper Labs, Cryptokitties make use of a decentralized network on ethereum that allows players to purchase, breed, collect, and sell virtual cats.

Cryptokitty however, is a non-fungible token that is unique and can only be owned by the user verified through the blockchain through its value can always appreciate or depreciate based on its market. It is not on the blockchain but is instead possessed by Axiom Zen.

This is a whole new level of making money online now through the NFT is not on the blockchain but can be listed on certain decentralized applications to earn money.

However, to join this game, users must purchase an Ether crypto coin to join the game and also spend it to perform each breeding and trading action in the game.

To get started on this gaming network, you can always buy some kitties for yourself by clicking the cat and hitting the buy now option or making use of offers which is a different manner of procuring cats.

You can always make a bid in ethereum for any cat within the game even if they are not up for sale. Once an offer is made, the owner can however decide to reject or accept it. But always know it does expire after three days. The breeding and selling off options are also two great ways to earn from this platform.

Can’t get through with Metamask sign up options, here are other wallets fully supported but the platform: (• Trustwallet • Coinbase • Portis • Fortmatic/Magic • Arkane • Authereum • Bitski • Dapper • Kaikas • Torus, etc)

More Than Just A Blockchain Network!

The Ethereum network in recent years has dominated the development of decentralized applications all for various reasons though there are other networks you can always use for designing DApps.

DApps are mostly built on decentralized networks and do make use of smart contracts to develop platforms that easily streamline and erase the essence of intermediaries and centralized powers democratizing entries into various industries.

Many DApps do look similar to many conventional applications in terms of front-end experience, but on the back-end, much functionality where the DApps connect to the blockchain in a decentralized form is obtained compared to routing of servers employed in normal applications.

However, with that being said, many DApps do make use of a native token that do fast-track activities conducted within the app. It is many times known as a utility token.

These tokens however do adhere to a set of rules that ensure Ethereum tokens can interact seamlessly without disturbance. And about the community that helps in monetization.

It is very well-built and decentralized and as a result, allows a larger involvement of the masses in exchanges thereby creating a robust and vast Ethereum community that allows for a good operating network infrastructure.

Alternative blockchain networks aside from Ethereum include the:

  • EOS Blockchain: mostly used within the gaming and marketplace structure,
  • NEO Blockchain: mostly used as a developer-friendly platform; and
  • TRON Blockchain: which is also used to design certain DApp.


You can always make a decent amount making use of decentralized applications if you are a proficient gamer, a good trader, or seemingly interested in DApps. Then if you are, we think you should check out the listed DApps and keep an eye on the space.

A copyright says that your work is your work, officially, and that whatever rules you lay down, even if it's anybody can do anything or something really weird like you must write my name on derivative work 5 times in a row has to be upheld legally or said person will be in copyright violation.

3 Answers 3

I understand where you're coming from, it's a popular situation, but fortunately you have several options.

Firstly: Protect your work

If your serious about it, then the very first step you should do is to copyright it. When people think of copyrighting they often think of some all-controlling mechanism that you buy to lock down your app so no one can touch it. This is in fact wrong.

A copyright says that your work is your work, officially, and that whatever rules you lay down, even if it's anybody can do anything or something really weird like you must write my name on derivative work 5 times in a row has to be upheld legally or said person will be in copyright violation.

Copyrights are also fairly cheap (I think like $35) and last a lifetime, literally, so copyright up. By doing this, you can set certain limits (Adhering to open source philosophy, keeping your app wonderfully open source, but also have placeholders in place that don't disrupt the open source-ness of your app but allow you to make some kind of money). If people blissfully ignore your app, and recreate it as you said how you don't want it to be used, they are in copyright violation and you have right to take action if you want to so you have legal backing.

Secondly: Think about how you want to make money

Alright so you may or may not have gotten the copyright but now how do you want to make money without ruining the open source-ness and overall enjoyment from it.

Here are many popular methods people use, you can pick any or all you like, maybe they'll also help you come up with some of your own.

  • Take donations?
    • It's a huge 2-minute freebie to just place a Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other coin address as well as maybe a PayPal address address in your README file or other page, not anywhere nagging or annoying, just somewhere off to the side but easily findable and accessible. If your app is good enough, trust me, people will look for somewhere to pay you for your efforts. I've seen this many times where people repeatedly asked the developer for a donation address because he/she didn't charge anything or provide one and was nagged enough one was finally noted somewhere.
    • This is a popular one used by many big companies although there are others ones noted below that you may find better. With this option, you allow any derivative work (which is very open-source compliant) and encourage derivative work (good for business for you if you require attribution) but disallow all derivative work to be sold for profit. The last part is a bit of a hiccup on the open source community because it means you are the sole person who can profit from it but I note it because many companies do use this
    • It's the same as above but very popular with big companies who want to open source their projects. Instead of you being the sole person ever who can make money on your project, it allows the purchase of a license setup however you want in order for said derivative to make profit. Again some companies who are serious about open source are moving away from this as there are arguably better ways to do this but it's another popular option I list here for completion sake. It also allows companies or organizations to take in your project/app or game possibly under a different set of rules that might interest them more and gain extra payout from them while you still keep control over it
    • This is based on the idea that "Your success is my success" and what some companies are moving towards. The famous Unreal Engine has also very successfully chosen this path. Essentially it's the same as above but allows you to denote a percent of profits that the derivative projects must share with you. Usually, if you choose this option, it's recommended to pick a starting amount. For example the unreal project requires this only if your project is making I think $1,000 a month or something like that giving the project at least a fighting chance to startup and become successful first.

    There are many other setups you can think about like derivatives of derivatives, or if the derivative looks different enough it should be regarded as its own project and not tied to yours (This protects you from blatant copies as you mentioned in your post where all that happens is it's free). Just brainstorm away on other ideas.

    But a copyright will give you legal backing to tackle those who ignore any set of rules you make or misuse your project in some way and give you more control down the road in many various cases. It's no problem if you don't copyright it, but then your mostly own your own if people decide to just ignore whatever license or rules you have set in place.

    This DApp is now placed on the Ethereum platform.

    DApps Trust Wallet:

    Trust wallet is a one-stop shop for all your crypto and blockchain solutions. This wallet can store all your crypto tokens, Net-fungible tokens, helps you transact in cryptocurrency, and offers a marketplace for DApps.

    The Trust Wallet can be downloaded from the app store on any major platform and functions as an independent browser. You can connect with the Binance smart chain, Decentralised finance (De-Fi) apps, as well as Etherum based DApps.

    And that is how you can view and access the Best DApps to make money from your trust wallet.

    Create bounties for any task, easily transact in ETH or ERC-2O tokens. The Bounties Network empowers humans to incentivize and self-organize, from freelancing to grassroots social action, and anything in between. The bounties network has already generated over $400,000 in total bounties.

    Coming Soon!

    The platform will allow anybody to upload predictions, stake them with NMR, and build a track record that everyone will trust. It solves the market collapse problem for prediction feeds and allows a marketplace for predictions to form.

    If you know about a live dapp on Ethereum that isn’t on this list comment below! #DeFi

    Disclaimer: The views expressed by the author above do not necessarily represent the views of Consensys AG. ConsenSys is a decentralized community with ConsenSys Media being a platform for members to freely express their diverse ideas and perspectives. To learn more about ConsenSys, Blockchain and Ethereum, please visit our website.

How do I sell NFT without a fee

First, you’ll need to connect an Ethereum wallet to OpenSea. It can be completely empty — you don’t need to own any cryptocurrency. If you do not already have a wallet, I would recommend using either MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet. Both work well, are popular, and are easy to use.

How to Create and Sell NFTs for Free

A photo of a smartphone with the words NFT in a frame on a background of bank notes

A lot of people have asked me in recent days how they can create and sell NFTs (non-fungible tokens), so I decided to write this tutorial on how you can mint (and hopefully sell) an NFT for free, with absolutely no gas fees or other costs to you.

First, a disclaimer. There are many different platforms and blockchains on which you can mint NFTs and all of them have advantages and disadvantages. In this article, I will only focus on the OpenSea platform and the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain. This is because choosing these is one of the ways you can create NFTs without paying gas fees (which are necessary, and potentially quite pricey, if you mint an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, for example).

If you need to pay gas fees (the price required to conduct a transaction on a blockchain) when creating an NFT, you will need to sell the NFT for a much higher price in order to make any profit because you will need to at least cover the gas fees that were paid. That is not easy to do… for most artists, at least.

Without further ado, here is a step-by-step tutorial on what you need to do:

If you’re an artist with access to an internet connection, you’ve probably come across the NFT buzzword a couple dozen times by now. The famous non-fungible tokens have taken both the art and crypto world by storm, and you’re surely wondering how you can get in on this community and make some side cash along the way.

How to mint and sell NFTs without paying gas fees

If you’re an artist with access to an internet connection, you’ve probably come across the NFT buzzword a couple dozen times by now. The famous non-fungible tokens have taken both the art and crypto world by storm, and you’re surely wondering how you can get in on this community and make some side cash along the way.

Actually, you may have already done some research, only to come to a roadblock: gas fees. You’re not alone. Gas prices are actually considered to be the biggest obstacle for NFT mass adoption.

Mintable allows you to sell your first 50 NFTs without paying any gas fees. To list your first NFT online, follow these steps:

6 Easy Steps to Sell NFTs without Paying Gas Fee on Mintable

Mintable allows you to sell your first 50 NFTs without paying any gas fees. To list your first NFT online, follow these steps:

Step 1: Creating Your Mintable Account

To begin selling, you need a Mintable account. Simply visit Mintable and click on Create Account

Add credentials like username, email address, and a safe password.

Once you create and verify your account, go back to the home screen and log in.

Step 2: Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Choose any popular wallet that supports Ethereum. We recommend MetaMask because it’s the most popular choice.

To install MetaMask, go to and choose your browser or OS platform.

After downloading the extension, add it to your browser, and create your wallet clicking on First Steps.

Enter credentials like email address, name and a unique password to create the wallet.

After that, you’ll receive a secret code that can be used to restore your wallet in future.

Step 3: Connecting MetaMask Wallet to the Mintable Account

Click on Connect Wallet on the home screen.

When an extension window opens up, log in with your credentials or choose the wallet you’d like to connect to.

Step 4: Time to Mint Our First NFT

Click on the Mint an Item button to start the process.

Select create a new item.

On the top corner of this window, there are two options: advanced and easy.

The advanced option will explain two different types of listings, one without a gas fee and the other with gas fee.

In this case, we want to select no gas fees option.

To move onto the next step, click on create a new item.

Step 5: Creating NFT Listing & Filling Details About it

While creating a listing, mention what type of item it is. Assuming the item is an artwork, select art.

Other details include a title, subtitle, description, and a nice photo of the NFT.

Step 6: Select Payment Options

There are three payment options: fixed price, auction and auction with buy now.

Each option is easy to choose. You just need to add details like the fixed price, starting bid, bid length, and buy now price.

That’s it! Now hit the List This Item button.

Finally, the NFT is now live and ready to be sold. Once it’s live, the listing will look something like this:

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